Member Spotlight: Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford

High Quality Earphones created for the Music Culture by Audiologist and New Orleans (LA) Chapter member, Dr. Lana Joseph-Ford. Dr. Joseph-Ford is taking the industry by storm and the Chapter could not be more proud of her.

According to Dr. Joseph-Ford: Over the past year I’ve been working really hard on my brand new earphone company Jrumz Ear Wear . As I think back on what the brand was 6 months ago, I can’t help but think God. I’m truly amazed at how we went from one concept to another more viable concept and equity deal in such a short period of time. And now we’re being approached by major companies for partnership opportunities. All of this and we haven’t even officially launched our product yet. God is amazing. But January 2022 will mark the beginning of it all.. Although it’s hard to gage our success right now, we truly believe in Jrumz. Not only do we believe in its viability as a hearing conscious earphone but its sound quality makes it one of the best in the market. I know its early, but when this product drops it will be a game changer for the earphone industry – this one is for each of you. Let’s change the world.