Girls in Politics Initiative

The New Orleans Chapter, through its International Trends and Services Facet, sponsored 3 students from Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School to attend Camp United Nations for Girls in New Orleans in April 2018. The program is a part of the Girls in Politics Initiative (“GIP”), a program created and administered by the Political Institute for Women. The GIP programs introduce girls ages 8 to 17 to politics, policy, the work of the United States Congress, parliamentary governments and the work of the United Nations. GIP programs are hosted in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Camp United Nations for Girls specifically is a leadership program that introduces girls ages 8 to 15 to the work of the United Nations. The program begins with a lesson on the history of the United Nations and its purpose. This is followed by an explanation of the structure, leadership and the rules of procedure of the United Nations starting with the General Assembly and subsidiary organs. Participants learn about the specific work undertaken in the United Nations’ boards, commissions, committees, councils and panels and working groups. Prior to convening the General Assembly, each participant will be assigned a country and guided through researching her country then writing a position paper. When the General Assembly convenes delegates will give speeches, negotiate with other delegates, caucus and propose resolutions along with amendments before finally voting. Camp United Nations for Girls is a one-day program.

One of the missions of the International Trends and Services Facet is to open the world to young students and to encourage them to think globally in terms of education, volunteerism, politics, finance and leadership.

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